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‘America’s Got Talent’ Host Terry Crews on Sexual Abuse: ‘I’m an Accidental Activist’ For #MeToo

In the #MeToo movement, actor Terry Crews has been one of the loudest male voices to speak out about his reported sexual abuse, and he told Bold TV that he knew it was his “purpose” to add dimensions to the movement.

“What happened was everyone was looking at the whole Me Too movement in one dimension. And because when I add myself to the story, you get to see it in 3D,” said Crews, who is a former NFL player and new host of “America’s Got Talent.”

“I’m not the only person to come forward, and I’m not the only male to come forward,” he continued. “But right now, I’ve been the most vocal.”

“I’m an accidental activist. I just literally ended up in a spot, and I looked around, and I was like ‘Who’s gonna do something about this?’ And it was me. I was the only one standing there!” he said. Crews filed a suit against his alleged attacker in December of 2017, however, prosecutors decided not to press charges.

Bold TV caught up with Crews and his wife, Rebecca King Crews, at the 2019 Shorty Awards, where Crews received the Phenom Award for his activism.

Crews has also publicly discussed struggling with a porn addiction, which he said almost ruined his marriage. King Crews told Bold TV that when Crews first spoke openly about his problems, the couple had been “in therapy for seven years” and were “well into the healing phase of dealing with addiction.” Crews has said he went to rehab to kick his addiction.

King Crews said she did “have pause” before her husband went public.

“I did have a minute of going, ‘What would my girlfriends think?’ But the reality is that, however you choose to handle problems in your family, is ultimately between you and God,” King Crews said. “And I felt that we made a decision that was holistic for us, that we’re glad we made. We’re glad we made it for each other, we’re glad we made it for our kids, and for our future generations, so I was proud of that.”

Crews gave his advice to couples experiencing challenges.

“I always say this, that men tend to be manipulated by pride and women tend to be manipulated by fear … And the way to fight that in both ways is for men to show vulnerability, which is actually courage, and to be vulnerable. And then I encourage women to be more courageous,” he said.

King Crews said for the two of them, going public was part of their healing process. “Not just your own little private ‘Oh, me and God, we got an understanding,’ but sitting with others who have the same issue and being very, very vulnerable, and that’s how you heal.”

“True proof that you’re well, is when you can tell others what you’ve done and almost laugh about it. Laughter is a true sign of healing,” King Crews said.

Other male celebrities such as Chester Bennington, Tyler Perry and Theo Fleury are amongst many men who have disclosed that they were victims of sexual abuse. Crews first went public about his experience on Twitter in October of 2017.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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