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Utah’s Attorney General Can Rap…and He Isn’t Half Bad

Photo by Jan Střecha on Unsplash

Sean Reyes has spent most of his time as Utah Attorney General fighting human trafficking and tackling white collar crime, but today we learned he is multi-talented. Apparently Reyes fights like Ali and rhymes like Pac, because he threw down a quick verse that was pretty slick for a guy who hasn’t spent much time in music.

At the moment Reyes is being considered by the Trump administration to chair the Federal Trade Commission. While I would’t wager that Trump is a yuge hip-hop fan himself, I’m sure having a slick wit and smooth rhymes don’t hurt Reyes’ chances, right?

Reyes, rhymes he is an “innovating devastating lawman AQ.” To be honest, I don’t even know what a lawman AQ is, but I know that if he said that to me I would just say: “absolutely Mr. Lawman AQ, sounds good.” It just sounds right — and you don’t question it.

Plus he follows it up by saying he’ll knock out anyone who battles him like Ali did Fraser…granted he doesn’t say which Ali V Fraser clash, so theoretically it could be the one Fraser won, in which case…tough sell Reyes.

But on a slightly more serious note, Reyes connected with the students; most were clearly stunned by the time he wrapped his verse. That ability to connect with regular people, especially young people could go a very long ways if he does get a job offer at the FTC. Plus, it can’t hurt to have this guy around incase you get caught in legislative rap battle…bigly.

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