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How Instagram Sparked a New Way to Do Business

Social media, as a whole, has changed the way we conduct our everyday lives. When it was first created, no one thought that an app like Instagram would impact the way people do business. Sarah Frier, the winner of the 2020 Financial Times & McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award, discusses how Instagram not only sends a message to a mass audience but also allows people and businesses to develop their personal brand. With every picture we take, everyone now thinks, “How will this look on Instagram?” It started as a simple social trend, and it now has evolved into a significant factor in many people’s business plans.

With every picture we take, everyone now thinks, “How will this look on Instagram?” 

Free and accessible advertising

If you have a product, you post it on Instagram. If you have an event coming up, you can advertise it on Instagram. We did not have this means of advertising before. It is also unprecedented that we have free advertising so easily accessible. Anyone can start an Instagram account, and no matter what line of business you are in, it can benefit from having and developing a large social media footprint. 

Social media can pay the bills

You now also can make money from being good at social media. Companies will pay a lot of money for someone to come in and develop a following on any platform. Instagram is a large example of that. You can now run ads, create surveys, post polls and get immediate feedback on Instagram. There has never been a time where companies can openly talk with their customers more than right now. And now, with AI integration and targeted advertising, your ads even can be tailored to the interests of who you are specifically trying to reach. Gone are the days where you go out and look for products that might appeal to you. Instead, social media will bring them right to your door. 

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