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Did You Know These Brands Were Founded By Veterans?!

Photo by Paul Weaver on Unsplash

Taking the time to honor veterans once a year is a welcomed tradition, but it is important to support them year-round. Transitioning back into a normal daily routine can be quite hard for our veterans, and by helping them along the way, you truly can thank them for the sacrifices they have made during their service. One major way we all can help out our veterans is by supporting their entrepreneurial journeys. Entrepreneurship offers veterans an opportunity to assimilate back into society and to be an active part of the community around them.

3 successful veterans/businessmen

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have served in the military.

  1. Before starting his multi-billion-dollar global corporation, Nike, Phil Knight enlisted in the U.S. Army out of college.  He had one year of active service and then seven more years in the Army Reserves.
  2. FedEx founder Frederick Smith served three years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Smith had two tours of duty in the Vietnam War and was awarded two Purple Hearts, the Silver Star and the Bronze Star for his efforts.
  3. Bob Parsons, the founder of GoDaddy, enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps after he failed out of high school. He also received a Purple Heart after being wounded during deployment.

It’s our job to support the ventures of veterans

All of these entrepreneurs went on to create billion-dollar companies. They came from humble beginnings and used the hard work and determination acquired from their military service to persevere in the business world. If we give all veterans a shot in the entrepreneurial world, who knows what heights they can take us to. We all can do our part by seeking out veteran entrepreneurs and showing them the support they deserve. This will not only give our veterans a chance to succeed but also will build our communities and local economies in the meantime!


For more, check out the entrepreneurial ventures of these veterans.

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