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Should Student-Athletes Be Allowed to Make Money?

The NCAA has long denied its student-athletes the opportunity to profit from their name and likeness. Recently, they’ve changed their stance and now are giving their athletes a chance to make some money from playing the sport they’ve dedicated their entire lives to playing. Sam Bloomquist sits down with Ahmad Elhawli, the founder and CEO of Sportsfinda, to discuss the new opportunity being presented to all these athletes and how his platform can help.

They don’t have time for a regular job

This change affects every college athlete. It is not just going to be the star quarterback who will be able to profit from this. It’ll be a new experience for athletes of all sports and positions. Elhawli discusses the importance of being able to earn money at school, especially since sports take over much of the athletes’ spare time. Many of these athletes don’t come from families of means. They can come to school only because of a scholarship they earned based on their athletic ability and talent. Giving them the opportunity to earn some extra money to support their education will go to great lengths toward them being able to succeed.

Developing a personal brand

Elhawli also speaks to the importance of athletes being able to build their own brand. Sports offer people a major platform in our country. Mass audiences choose their favorite players and follow every detail about their lives. Developing a brand around your athletic career can open a lot of doors in the business world and provide you opportunities even after you hang up the cleats. Especially in the age of social media, developing a brand can cause a positive effect on the community that supports that athlete. You can bring support to local charities, drive traffic to small businesses, and leave a lasting impact just from playing a sport that they’ve loved their entire life.

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