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Where To Look for Side Hustles During a Pandemic

Where To Look for Side Hustles During a Pandemic
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Finding a job has never been harder. It’s especially difficult to find income to complement your full-time position when remote work has skewed hours. No one wants to leave their house, and many businesses are on a hiring freeze. But there are still jobs out there. You may just have to think outside the box during your search. This pandemic has altered the way we live our lives. So, now we must alter how we approach the job market.

Find Side Hustles to Help with Hard Times

If you were lucky enough to maintain your full-time job throughout the spring and early summer, you’re probably looking for a position that will gel with remote work. If you can maintain the nine-to-five framework of your day job, then serving or delivery-driving would be a good way to spend your evenings. In many areas across the country, you are still not allowed to eat indoors at a restaurant. So, businesses are in urgent need of more servers to accommodate their new outdoor eating areas. Even bars who don’t normally have servers need to pick up more servers to run food and drinks while bartenders stay behind the bar. The same goes for your regular deli or fast-food joint. Food delivery is more popular than ever. Running food to people is a low-energy way to unwind after work while making a few extra dollars. In the same vein, elderly and high-risk people are utilizing grocery delivery services to get by. But there are never enough drivers for them as well.

Gigs that Will Lead to Long-Term Jobs

Some of us were not lucky enough to keep our full-time jobs throughout the quarantine. In this case, you need to get your foot in the door somewhere. Partnering up some of these part-time positions with remote contract work would be a good strategy to get your name out there once companies are ready to hire full-time positions again. It’s actually the perfect time to look on a platform like Upwork or book an appointment with a temp agency. Companies have demands but cannot afford full-time employees. If you help them out in a time of need with some remote contract work, they are more likely to bring you on once we get the economy back to normal.

To learn how to turn your side hustle into a business, check this out.

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