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Women’s National Football Conference CEO and Ridesharing App

women's national football conference CEO
Photo by John Torcasio on Unsplash

People truly can learn a new spectrum of values from being involved in sports. They can learn about leadership, dedication, sacrifice, discipline and a slew of other valuable life skills. This is why it is important to have equal opportunities to get involved in sports. The Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) was founded with this concept in mind. There was an opening in the football world, and Odessa Jenkins filled the void with something that’s been necessary for decades now: a national football league for women. Jenkins is the CEO of the WNFC. She is teaming up with Sal Khokar, the CMO and Chief Strategy Officer of Safr, a ridesharing app dedicated to empowering women. Together, they are promoting a strong and safe culture for women, both in sports and in the real world.

An American Football League for Women

WNFC CEO, Odessa Jenkins, discusses her football league for women, and how sports empower people. Also, Go Safr rideshare shares how they empower women to take control of their riding experience.

Posted by BoldTV on Monday, August 17, 2020

Women’s National Football Conference empowers women

Jenkins created the WNFC in 2018. It is now recognized as the national complement to the NFL. She has taken personnel from around the NFL to help build her image, notably Katie Sowers, who just went to the Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers and a strong advocate for women in football. This league gives women who are in love with the sport something to work toward. Those women have never been represented in mainstream media. Jenkins hopes to empower her audience and show that they can get wherever they need to go if they work for it. 


Discrimination in the ridesharing community

The relationship between the WNFC and Safr is built on a strong community of women as well. Khokar talks about the discrimination women are subjected to in the ridesharing community. Men are getting paid more, women are getting harassed more, and there need to be safer guidelines for riders. Safr has policies that allow you to choose which driver picks you up so that you can ride with someone that you are comfortable with. Check out the full interview at the link above!

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