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This FIFA Star Explains Why CBD is His Go-To!

Sam: CBD Article
Photo by Sohini on Unsplash

Sam Bloomquist sits down with Rodney Wallace, a FIFA all-star who has decided to enter the world of CBD. He launched his company, Rewind by Rodney Wallace, in January of this year. Wallace is a defender who plays left wing.  He has spent time with several teams in the MLS, including a championship with the Portland Timbers. He scored the game winner in the MLS Cup Final over FC Dallas. His company is centered around helping athletes and other people with not only bodily aches and pains but with mental stress as well. Wallace came across CBD during his time with MLS as he dealt with the public pressure of being a professional athlete and from accruing several hip and knee injuries throughout his career. 


A mission to help people

Rewind by Rodney Wallace’s mission is to help people. The business is set up to heal people of their ailments whether they be physical or mental. Many other athletes get into CBD in and now view it as a health supplement, rather than just a substance derived from cannabis. Wallace stresses that there is not enough awareness about the mental health of athletes, and he wants his product to lend itself to help them become a better version of themselves both on and off the field. He actively is working to support his fellow athletes and also those not involved in sports. 

Ending the CBD stigma in sports

Wallace also is working to end the stigma around CBD in sports. Although it is derived from cannabis, CBD can be used legally as a health supplement, and it is not considered a banned substance in a majority of leagues. In fact, many leagues have scaled back their drug testing requirements to be more accommodating to hemp-based products. These products help athletes maintain their bodies throughout their careers and ease the stress and anxiety felt by those in the public eye.

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