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28-Year Old Real Estate Mogul Shares What Millennials Can Do To Solidify Their Future

28-Year Old Real Estate Mogul Shares What Millennials Can Do To Solidify Their Future
Photographer: Tierra Mallorca

At 21 years old, Jacky He started a real estate investment company on Wall Street. He faced a long process that had a lot of growth. He worked alone his entire first year. He’s now in his seventh year as a CEO and works with 60 people. After his experience, he has advice for young generations about real estate investment. He visits Bold TV to discuss being a young professional in the investment business and how young people can use real estate to grow their wealth. 

Advice for Millennials on  Future Investing

Investing sounds kind of difficult to get into if you’re not on Wall Street or retired. But there are a lot of ways for young people to invest, even investing in property without outright owning property. Investing in a REITS (Real Estate Investment Trust) carries a much lower risk than owning a home. With REITS, you’re actually putting money into 10-30 properties at the same time, so all your money isn’t banking on one property. Real estate is growing, and interest rates are low. He says that if you have money, this is a good time to buy a house.

Millennials future

How He Became a CEO at 21

How do millennials become the future CEO of an investment company on Wall Street? They focus. He says that people may look down on you until you show them you know what you’re doing. Proficiency leads to being treated seriously. Also, young people waste too much time making decisions. Choosing a career path can lead to a lot of struggle and wanting to make the right decision. He says that action is more important than stalling and thinking. Everyone is waiting for the perfect opportunity, but they don’t realize that hard work always leads to success.

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