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Social Media Entrepreneur Shares the Keys to Her Success

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Since the dawn of social media, the younger generations have been searching for a way to do it for a living. Simonetta Lein is one of the few who have found success in doing so, and with her millions of followers on Instagram. Lein comes into Bold TV to discuss what it’s like to be a social media entrepreneur and gives advice for those listening who want to follow suit.

Keys To Becoming a Social Media Entrepreneur

Your tribe is your vibe. These are the words that Lein abides by. The type of account you run will directly create your audience and how they interact with you. This is why you find a lot of negative people and bullying on parody and trolling accounts online. By being a social media entrepreneur, Lein created her following through the “old school” frame of mind. She inspires success, professionalism and models in a tasteful fashion. She doesn’t want to look down on those who gain followers by sporting a bikini, but she finds that by sticking to her true self, she finds a welcoming and supportive audience.

Social Media Entreprenuer

Using Her Platform to Inspire

Her social media has become a large platform for inspiration. Her Instagram posts are meant to touch her followers in a way that makes them want to go out and achieve their dreams. In a world where you are constantly being judged and put into a competition, she tries to remain a positive influence. She does this through her wishing wall foundation. Lein has fans write a wish to her foundation, and they work on making it come true. These wishes can be a simple mention of their name or as complex as helping someone in the hospital. Lein dives into how she has dealt with all situations with a full heart and a desire to inspire.

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