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This Company Uses Tech To Make Wedding Shopping Fun

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most stressful parts of getting married. Trickling down from that, it can even be more stressful wedding shopping for the perfect ensemble of dresses for all of your bridesmaids. Revae Norvell is here to break the cycle of spending too much on a dress you’ll only use once with her company The Evening Collective. She is the Chief Marketing Officer, and she came up with the idea after frequently running through the overwhelming saga of being a bridesmaid. 

Wedding Shopping is Stressful For Bridesmaids Too

Gone are the days of scrambled group messages arguing about the uniform you will be wearing while standing next to the bride at the altar. Norvell tells Bold TV that she caters her designs to specifically fit the needs of all bridesmaids, while also offering alternative ideas for the entire party. Many groups are moving toward different dresses in the same color or the same dress in similar color schemes. Norvell has an answer to any combination that you may want for your big day. They offer 39 different colors, all different styles and dresses to accommodate women sizes 0 to 30. Her company stresses the importance of inclusion so that no one feels uncomfortable on a day of celebration.

A Dress You Can Wear More Than Once

The Evening Collective is a strictly virtual vendor, but they offer a sample service if you would like to try on any of the dresses. They recommend throwing a try-out party so that it instills an element of fun rather than stress. These dresses are also good for other events so that you will not be shelling out money for something that you will only use once. Norvell is breaking a lot of the expensive traditions that come with getting married so that money can be one less thing for people to worry about on your big day.

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