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Providing College Students With Hands-On Experience

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Jordan Levy is the Executive Director and Founder of CapSource Education. He dedicates his days to giving students more hands-on experiences while they’re still in school so they feel more prepared when entering the workplace. He started CapSource Education when he was in the latter years of his college experience and felt ill-prepared to join the workforce. He tells Bold TV about how he continually asked his administrators questions on why he didn’t feel better prepared for his job search and they did not have an answer for him. Not only did he feel ill-prepared, but he saw many of his peers felt the exact same way.

Bringing Hands-On Experience To Your Curriculum

CapSource Education connects students with companies while they are still in school. This creates a training ground for individuals to gain experience before entering the workplace. Levy has developed a program that packages real-world experience for faculty to easily integrate into their curriculum. Not only does this help the students, but this helps the teachers answer those tough questions about preparing for the real world. He started in business programs but has since moved into the areas of engineering and science so that more students can get the upper hand. Levy hopes that CapSource Education can continue to expand into more areas of education.

CapSource's hands-on experience

Preparing Students Beyond The Classroom

The higher education system is already changing so that students can feel more equipped to take on unforeseen challenges in the workplace. Curriculum is changing in all schools so that people gain hands-on experience rather than notes from a textbook. CapSource Education offers easy programs and software that can bring real companies into the classroom to not only share experiences but also offer a pathway to a potential career. This helps the companies involved in the long run because they are receiving a more polished and prepared workforce.

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