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Innovators with Jane King: Is Diversity in Tech a Big Issue?

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Diversity is a topic largely debated in corporate America. Have corporations done all they can to become inclusive? Or can we do more to support equal opportunities? What are the biggest implications of a lack of diversity? What are the steps going forward? Three women innovators — Danielle D’Souza Gill, Regina Gwynn, and Luvleen Sidhu — visit Bold TV and Innovators with Jane King to answer these questions and discuss if the future looks promising for a differentiated workforce and conversations in the workplace. In our modern society, everyone deserves an equal shot at the job that they desire.

What Are The Biggest Issues With Diversity in Tech?

While people may say diversity is an issue in big tech, they may have different opinions on the area in need of the most improvement. Many companies have made efforts to show their attentiveness to people of different backgrounds. We’ve made steps toward diversity in race and gender. However, diversity of thought is just as crucial. People should be able to express opinions that differ from the majority. Another area of improvement is opportunity for and access to capital. Less than 7% of fortune 500 companies have women CEOs and some women are calling for more opportunities to grow.

What Is The Diversity Forecast For The Future?

While some people believe diversity has come a long way, others believe it still has much further to go in leveling the playing field. There is much to be done in equal access to capital resources, funding and infrastructure. We need to improve the entire industry on the diversity front, but at least the conversation has begun. Diversity is evolving and improving with every generation. Creating a positive change can be a long and daunting process. In the meantime, training, transparency and leadership buy-in are steps toward change.

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