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Health and Wellness Tips for 2020

Health and Wellness Tips for 2020
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Following Bold TV’s trend of New Year’s resolutions, aside from financial goals, many people also set health goals. Gyms are usually clogged during the beginning of the year with many falling off of their goals as early as Jan. 19. Len Glassman discusses how you can stay with your health goals and make the necessary changes to your life. He is a health and fitness professional and also the author of a new book titled “Soul Trainer.”

Importance of Nutrition For Your Health and Wellness

Many people want to make the change starting Jan. 1, but in all reality, their hopes won’t come to fruition without a complete lifestyle change. Working out is great for your health and wellness, but 80 percent of your workout comes from nutrition. Much like hitting financial goals, setting smaller goals and achieving them one at a time will help you maintain your progress to the bigger picture. Avoiding processed foods and eating natural and whole-grain foods is essential because your body has a hard time metabolizing processed food and will likely become addicted to these unhealthy substitutes. 

Health and Wellness

Millennials Are Working Out For The Right Reasons

Studies have found that millennials are actually working out for the right reasons. We aren’t all trying to become supermodels and bodybuilders, but we use fitness for the short-term mood bursts and natural energy it provides us. Incorporating small practices of fitness throughout your day can improve the overall quality of your life. Your metabolism can be boosted without an intense workout, but rather with regular stretching and controlled breathing throughout the day. Glassman’s book covers this struggle from fictionalized characters that highlight all of the struggles someone may feel when trying to reach their goals. He uses the book as a creative outlet, but to also reach out to those who may feel discouraged. By personifying different types of struggles, he hopes to inspire as many people as possible.

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