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WATCH: David Paul Kuhn on How Novels Can Open Your Mind

Writer and political analyst, David Paul Kuhn, joined us last Friday on Bold TV to discuss his political novel “What Makes it Worthy.” The novel tells the story of a reporter that works for a new media outlet and another reporter that works for The New York Times during a presidential election. Watch here or on our Facebook page.

“Ultimately, you see the reporters start to question their own work but you also see the politicians start to lose hold on who they are,” David said. “All of them are sort of digesting and being digested by the tabloidization of politics and the tabloidization of media.”

David published the novel in summer of 2015 and told Carrie and Clay that he “wrote this not knowing Donald Trump was on the way.”

In his novel, David shows the relationship between the media and politicians and how it has changed with the expansion of new media outlets.”I think it raises certain ideas that the media hasn’t looked in its own mirror about how much Trump was a creature of them,” David said.

David left a word of advice for millennials: put away the cellphones and read more books.

“Novels allow us to get to larger truths. It is really important to put down your phones and find time in the day and to not just read non-fiction, but also novels because you are going to find yourself getting inside of people and bursting bubbles,” David said. “If you are only reading novels that don’t challenge you, then that’s unfortunate.”

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