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GoFundMe is Spreading Some Positive Vibes

People typically think GoFundMe is just a website where you can raise money for a specific cause that you support. When you look closely, you can see that the website doesn’t only change lives but it also saves them as well. GoFundMe has created a space where success stories happen. Whether you support a struggling local shop or even the campaigns that you are extremely passionate about, you can make a difference with this platform. Hosts David Grasso and Julia Sun sit down to discuss the power of GoFundMe.

Spreading positivity and evoking change

GoFundMe has helped hundreds of thousands of people to raise money for certain causes, whether that’s raising money for local stores, animal shelters or people who just need to get their business off the ground. It has become a haven where you can simply go on the website and create a campaign to help whichever cause you want. It is easy to raise money on the platform. And it’s not like any of the other donation websites because it evokes change in the community.

How GoFundMe has helped people

GoFundMe is more than just a website that helps raise money for businesses. It also can help you get your medical bills paid, which is a huge issue considering how high medical bills are in this country. For instance, 13-year-old foster child Damien was in desperate need of a kidney transplant after being diagnosed with kidney disease. He was doing regular dialysis, and they finally found him a matching kidney. Without using GoFundMe, he would have never have found his new kidney and would not have been able to crowdsource nearly $100,000 for his life-saving kidney transplant. GoFundMe has many different purposes, but it also can spread positivity. And believe me, we all need a little positivity nowadays.


Interested in platforms like GoFundMe? Here’s more on crowdfunding.

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