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Tips for Online Shopping in Any Market

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping! But because of quarantine and the global pandemic, we can’t flock to the stores like we used to. Nowadays, everyone is doing some sort of online shopping. Whether that’s getting your groceries, clothing or electronics, online shopping makes it easier to get the things you want without stepping out of your home. But how can we know whether the product is good or not without seeing it in person? Can we trust the product’s reviews? Philip Michael and Tal Heinrich from Bold TV are here to give you some helpful tips on how you can online shop without getting scammed or, even worse, getting the wrong product in the mail. Here’s what you need to know before you “Add to Cart.”

The most important online shopping tip

Shopping from your computer can have you miss out on in-store previews of these products. So look for great reviews of your product. See if there are any video reviews as well since you’ll get a real and honest review of the product. You likely won’t get ripped off in the end. This could also help you detect faulty products that have fake reviews. Recently, companies have been receiving citations for hiring people to write fake reviews on their product to make it seem like it’s this amazing thing. Do yourself a favor and look at several websites to compare the reviews.

Try to shop locally

Total online shopping actually hurts retail. When shopping for the holidays, make sure you check out your local businesses as well. They may have something that these big stores don’t have. Also, supporting local businesses during a pandemic is a great way to ring in this holiday season. Not only will you get out and see what stores your town has, but you also are helping your local economy.

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