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Should Celebrities Have Political Input?

On this week’s Millennial Minute, our very own Zayna Allen from Bold Life sat down with recording artist Joy Villa and Young Voices spokesperson Stephen Kent to discuss the current and relevant topic: Should celebrities be involved in politics?

Politicians use celebrities for their platform

Villa thinks that celebrities should not be involved in politics whatsoever because it becomes a farce.  She believes that these politicians are using celebrities to get more votes. They use their fan base to inspire others to go out and vote for the person that the celebrity supports. This could ultimately backfire on the politician or in politics in general because it creates more noise and chatter through the Twittersphere and eventually could make people tune out the noise and not vote.

All people have a right to use their voice

Kent’s approach to this topic is that it depends on the goals of any given celebrity. Kent always bristles at the suggestions that a person shouldn’t speak their mind or the ideas that they care about. These celebrities have the right to have their voices heard, and it’s important to support their individualism. There is a purpose for these celebrities to amplify the voice of one person or the other. Using a celebrity like Cardi B to use her platform to endorse Joe Biden could be a beneficial thing at the end of the day.

Can these stars enact change?

For these celebrities to enact actual change, whether that be in politics or some other area, they must be well-liked, well-known and very credible. But when it comes to using celebrities to bring in votes, it’s like rolling the dice. You never know what type of reaction you are going to receive. Will it inspire people to vote for who their favorite celebrity supports? Or will people stick to their own ideas of how this country should be run and who should run it?

For more on celebrities in politics, check out this Millennial Minute.

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