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Bouncing Back from a Failed Business

On this week’s featured entrepreneur, Robby Blanchard chats with David Grasso and Julia Sun about how he went from a failing gym to running a multi-million-dollar business! From the beginning, Blanchard used these three steps: Work hard, always be persistent and never quit. Owning a gym, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to retire the way he wanted. But moving forward from a failed project is challenging. Blanchard decided to see what works and what doesn’t; what is becoming successful and what isn’t. So, what was the next step? Well, he started an online business that changed the game for him.

From failed business to online success

Blanchard saw all around him that the main reason others had success was an online business. He put two and two together, and that has been the one difference —  that he knew where he saw success, so he could replicate it. Blanchard affiliates marketing into his business, whether that’s promoting his own product or other products that aren’t even his. He promotes them and pays for advertising on Facebook. Then, he produces a commission on the product that he advertises. The best part of Blanchard’s online business is that he doesn’t even have to touch the product. With a place such as Amazon, you have the inventory and sell the product that way. He just takes the product and advertises it everywhere. How amazing is that? There is no ceiling for an online business.

Three relatable categories

Blanchard focuses on the three big categories, which are health, wealth and relationships. Each person can relate to one of those three things. Even when the economy is low, people are still going to look for products in those three categories. He uses his online business to grow a relationship with the product and the consumer. And this is how you bounce back from a failed business!


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