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Many Gen Z and Millennials Are Ditching Cable for YouTube

Many Gen Z and Millennials Are Ditching Cable for YouTube
Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

The way we watch our favorite content is and will always be forever changing. From flocking to our television screens to now going on our laptops and streaming, watching whatever show we want has gotten better and easier.  So, what will happen to the cable companies we once needed to see the shows and networks we love?


The rise of YouTube

YouTube has become a space where you can type in whichever show or movie you want and buy/rent it. It also has become a place where you can now stream any show you want through their new feature called YouTube TV. For many Millennials and Gen Z people, it’s much easier to be able to grab their laptops and watch something without having to get up and turn on the TV. You should think about it with this comparison in mind: Is it cheaper to buy a streaming service instead of getting regular cable with outrageous pricing?


Cable is ancient history

Cable has become such a thing of the past that it’s shocking when you are around people who still have it. There are so many places for you to get content these days, so why would you want to limit yourself by just watching it through a television provider?  The sky’s the limit when it comes to seeing the content you want to watch.  Don’t limit yourself to one source. And that approach is why many Millennials and Gen Z’s are finding easier and better ways to watch content. Who knows what the future holds for either cable or streaming services? But it has been proven that watching shows and movies will continue to grow and change into the future.

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