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This Music Festival Highlights Female Artists

This Music Festival Highlights Female Artists
Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

Highlighting women in music is very important, especially during this day and age where the music industry is predominantly run by men. Due to COVID-19, music festivals around the world have been canceled. Some even have gone the extra mile to have a live stream of their festivals. Zayna Allen from Bold Life had a chat with Gayle Dillman, CEO & founder of the Ladybug Festival. She discussed how they made their festival online so everyone could watch women in music perform their latest hits. 


The celebration of women

The Ladybug Festival is all about women in music, which is especially important when some festivals’ line-ups are maybe only 25% female. But this festival is all about the celebration of women. The beginning stages of the festival started as a block party the day before the Firefly Festival, which had only a few women performers. So, they decided to break the mold and have a festival with just women the day before Firefly and call it the Ladybug Festival. Interestingly, the Ladybug Festival started in Delaware, where the ladybug is the state bug. Now look at it! It’s a huge event inspiring women in music to perform for all the world to see their talents. 

The future of the music festival

Dillman is hoping by next year they can open the doors back up in Wilmington and Milford, Delaware. Maybe then people can enjoy the music and festival in real time instead of only being streamed. They also are hoping to have speakers at their next festival to further the empowerment of women in the music industry and women in general. They not only embrace women to give them an opportunity to have their voices heard, but they also want to further expand through the different cultures of women in music.


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