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Say Cheers to the Holidays with Clean Cocktails!

The holiday season is among us, which means many will be indulging in lots of food and alcoholic beverages. If you’re adamant about watching your figure this year, we know these times can be tempting. While we can’t completely eliminate the high-calorie-count in alcoholic drinks, there are ways to balance it out. Mixologist Beth Nydick has come up with a better way to approach this desire: clean cocktails. On Bold Life, Nydick shared her tips and even made her version of spiked lemonade. 

What are clean cocktails?

You’re probably wondering, how can cocktails be clean? By using whole ingredients, Nydick says. She elevates each cocktail with fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and syrups. As a nutritionist, Nydick was constantly asked by clients if it was OK for them to have a drink with their meals. She felt that it was unrealistic to have her clients give up drinking. Instead, she gathered her clean recipes and came up with many more with her writing partner and put them in a book. “Clean Cocktails: Righteous Recipes for the Modernist Mixologist” is filled with recipes for mocktails, syrups, bitters and more. 

How to order clean drinks

Nydick says restaurant cocktails usually have two or three kinds of sugar. To avoid packing on the calories, Nydick says to ask for cocktails without sugar. For instance, if you enjoy Cosmos, you can ask the bartender to hold the triple sec and substitute it with an extra splash of cranberry. She mentions that by adding tart juices or citrus to the cocktail, you’re “up-leveling” its flavor profile.

Meyer lemonade dupe

Instead of buying pre-packed bottles of spiked lemonade in the store, Nydick creates her own using Meyer lemons. She describes these lemons as “a cross between a mandarin orange and an actual lemon.” See the recipe below and watch above. You must be 21 or older to enjoy.

Classic Meyer Lemonade 

Serves 1

Recommended barware: Mason jar 

•    2 ounces vodka or gin

•    1 ounce freshly squeezed Meyer lemon juice

•    1 ounce Honey Syrup

•    Zest of Meyer lemons

•    Garnish: 1 lemon slice

1. Combine the vodka/gin, lemon juice, Honey Syrup, and lemon zest in a mason jar and stir until combined. Garnish with the lemon slice and serve.

*Recipe courtesy of Beth Nydick*

For more on food and beverages, check out this article!

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