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From College Buddies to Business Partners – How PB+DC Started

Looking for a business partner can be very tricky and tedious. Starting a business is a huge responsibility, and you want to make sure your potential partner will take the role seriously. While some people find business partners outside of their network of friends, some people are lucky enough to become partners with someone they know personally. On Bold’s featured entrepreneur segment, Phillip Michael spoke with the founders of PB+DC. PB+DC is a full-service construction company for residential, commercial and mixed-use spaces located in Philadelphia. Matt Shapson and Michael Hallett met in college and started PB+DC as a side gig. Now they are in their sixth year of business together. 

Yin & Yang

Ever heard the phrase opposites attract? That can be true for business partners, too. Hallett’s background is in real estate and construction while Shapson has a more entrepreneurial background. Shapson says their differences in backgrounds balance each other and make a really great partnership. It all began when Shapson was in town getting fitted for his wedding. Hallet began venting about his day job. That’s when Shapson introduced the idea of working together.

Never push someone into a partnership

After receiving funds from a business sale, Shapson had extra money he wanted to work with. He spoke to a few people about starting the business, but he never pushed anyone into working with him. Shapson says you should not push anyone into working with you. When Hallet called back and asked him if he were serious about the business venture, Shapson knew he found the perfect partner. The pair agreed to do a 50/50 split. Shapson brings the capital into the deal while Hallet brings his real estate expertise. A couple of months after that conversation, they started working on projects with real estate colleagues they still work with until this day.

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