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Should We Be Worried About Voter Fraud?

Our extended Election Day has passed, and Joe Biden has been named the 2020 president-elect. While this election season was different from the others, the voter turnout was amazing. Many voters were trying to avoid crowded lines because of the increasing numbers of coronavirus cases. This made states more lenient about their absentee ballot requirements, which led to the early vote count reaching a record-breaking 101 million votes. However, this significant turnout raised suspicions from the Trump administration. They alleged that there is fraudulent activity happening. Bold TV’s Oni Higgins spoke with Josh Marpet, COO of Red Lion, about possible voter fraud and the security measures being taken.

Should we be worried about voter fraud?

The majority of the country uses marked paper ballots. These ballots were collected and mailed to the counting centers. As the votes were being processed and the numbers were coming in, many voters and President Donald Trump feared that voter fraud was taking place. This led to protests breaking out in key battleground states where the numbers were close.

Marpet says there are physical and electronic security measures set in place to ensure the counting process runs smoothly. There is a police presence at the centers. And they also take extra steps securing the building by surveilling the space with cameras and making sure there are locked doors. With these precautionary measures taking place, Marpet says we should not be worried.

Electronic or paper ballots?

What if the U.S. made the switch to purely electronic ballots? Marpet prefers the paper ballots because there will always be a physical reference for the votes counted. If we made a switch to pure electronic ballots, we will be at risk of being hacked. Marpet attended DEF CON, an underground hacking conference, and witnessed his colleagues hack into voting machines from around the country. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!

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