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Lamman Rucker Shares Career Advice and Talks ‘Greenleaf’ Series Finale, Spin-Off

Lamman Rucker is known for his work in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married and Meet the Browns, but you may also remember him from The Temptations, Half & Half and more. For the past four years, he starred in the Oprah Winfrey Network’s drama series Greenleaf. He joined Bold Life to discuss the show’s final season and to share how he has stayed grounded in his extensive career.

Staying grounded

Rucker has been appearing in TV shows and movies since the late ’90s. How does an established actor stay grounded and relevant in his field? By staying humble and having a strong value system and a solid team. Rucker said having these values allowed him to stay in the business for so long. He didn’t get into the business for fame or money, instead, he says those things came secondary to making sure he goes about it the right way and for the right reasons.

Greenleaf’s final season

After five seasons, Greenleaf has ended. Rucker was sad to see the show go but he prefers to have five “high-quality seasons” than to risk filming more seasons and having those seasons falling flat. “It’s quality over quantity,” he said. Despite the show’s ending, he is extremely proud of Greenleaf’s accomplishments. He felt the show started a conversation about the church environment and its issues that aren’t always talked about. It explores infidelity, mental health, sexuality, parenthood and many more deep themes which can be taboo topics for those involved in the church. Rucker says viewers are thankful that the show talked about the church, Black families, and God in the way that they have. “These things impact everybody in some form or fashion.”

OWN has confirmed a Greenleaf spin-off show. When we asked Rucker about it, he said he “hasn’t heard anything about it”  but told fans he needs them to “fight for Jacob” if they want to see him in it. So for those of you who want Jacob Greenleaf in the spin-off, make sure your voices are heard on social media!

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