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From YouTube to the Big Screen, How Kalen Allen Landed His Role in “An American Pickle”

From YouTube to the Big Screen, How Kalen Allen Landed His Role in “An American Pickle”
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Social media has created a lot of stars. One of the most recent and recognizable ones is Kalen Allen, an actor and content creator, whose humorous reaction videos caught the attention of millions. But how does a content creator stay relevant in a time where there are tons of people doing the same thing? Bold Life got the opportunity to chat with Allen about landing his first movie role and staying booked, relevant and busy.

 Kalen Allen’s Beginning

 If you’re not familiar with Allen, his YouTube channel currently has 887,000 subscribers. His most popular videos are his funny, carefree reaction videos to food tutorials. In his most viewed video, he reacted to The Kitchen’s mac and cheese and it was viewed over 8 million times! His hilarious commentary caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who then invited him on her show and offered him his own series on EllenTube. On the digital series OMKalen, Allen speaks with celebrities, reacts to food tutorials (of course) and shares his own food recipes. 

Landing a Role in “An American Pickle”

Allen’s videos are hilarious and full of confidence. However, he was very nervous about his “An American Pickle” audition. Despite his nervousness, Allen received a phone call the next day saying that he landed the role. “An American Pickle” is about a man from 1919 Europe (played by Seth Rogan) who falls into a pickle brine and wakes up in Brooklyn 100 years later. In Brooklyn, the time traveler finds his grandson (who Rogan also plays). And they start a pickle company. Allen’s character Kevin helps them build the pickle company. How does Allen stay relevant? “I’m not someone that just gets set at being comfortable, and I am always pushing myself to be better than who I was before,” Allen said.


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