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The Inspiration Behind Malaika Apparel Collective

Women are running the world. This isn’t just one of Beyonce’s hits, but women quite literally are taking over industries by storm. In today’s day and age, women aren’t shying away from pursuing their goals and dreams. Women are actively seeking out ways to not only accomplish their own personal goals but also to inspire others to do so as well. Rita Bunatal, the CEO of Malaika Apparel Collective, is one of these women. Host Oni Higgins sits down with her to discuss business and how inspiration is intertwined within the company. 

How inspiration started this company

When it comes to branding a company, you have to start with a story. Malaika Apparel Collective’s story is actually what Bunatal dealt with first-hand. She is a first-generation African living in the U.S. and Ghana. She wanted to bridge the gap between her experiences as a Ghanaian and as an American. This goes so much further past a simple fashion line. People like Bunatal can see their roots and themselves in this brand. Knowing your identity in the world plays a huge part in knowing who you are in life. 

Is activism and fashion the newest trend? 

This particular brand is dedicated to bridging the gap between the pan-African diaspora. The African diaspora deals with the long-term historical process in which the people of African descent have been scattered from their ancestral homelands to other parts of the world. This creates an idea that people of African descent should have common interests and be unified. Bunatal is using her clothing line for activism. She emphasizes how important activism and being able to use your voice is. When creating this brand, it was vital for her to incorporate activism into their mission. 

For more on fashion trends, check out this video.

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