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Should Transgender Athletes Be Treated Differently?

Since 2004, transgender athletes have been able to participate in the Olympics. However, some people feel as though this shouldn’t be the case. Erin Elmore, a Turning Point USA contributor, thinks that this is completely unfair to women in a time where we are supposed to be doing nothing but uplifting women. Not only that, she feels as though science is not on their side. Nate Lerner, the executive director of Build the Wave, agrees to a certain extent. Host Julia Sun starts off this Millennial Minute segment by stating a very true fact. When a man transitions into a woman, they are still left with some of their biological features. Both Elmore and Lerner agree that this is unfair. Where they differ in opinion, is how the conversation is brought up. Lerner claims that the right likes to make a bigger fuss about topics than the actual reality of the situation. Host Julia Sun sits down with these two to discuss this controversial topic.

Is it unfair to women, transgender people or both?

Elmore makes a fair point that about 3,000 genes are differentially expressed in the skeletal muscles between a male and a female. Biologically speaking, men and women are not aligned to compete with one another in sports fairly. This creates an unfair advantage to those who have transitioned from male to female. It has nothing to do with lifestyle choice and everything to do with hard facts. Having a male physically compete with a female, even if they have fully transitioned, does not mean it is completely fair. Of course, they deserve their rights, but women are just as deserving of their own.

Can there be a middle ground?

Since this is quite a new topic of discussion, there isn’t much to go off of on either side of the debate. However, there is a way to bring up topics like these in a way that is beneficial for all parties involved. Neither the left or right side should be pushing their agendas, but instead, they should be figuring out how to peacefully get an end result that everyone is happy with.

For more on athletes and politics, check out this video.

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