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Can Student-Athletes Get Classmates to Vote?

Now more than ever, we have seen a blur in the lines between sports and politics. Some people say shut up and dribble, others want their role models to use their voice for good. Regardless of what side of this debate you’re on, who you’re voting for, or what your political affiliation is, we can all agree that voting is important. Becoming a registered voter in the United States is not only a privilege but also a civic duty to this country. The younger you are, the higher the chance that you are not too informed about politics. Zach Kancher, the associate head coach of Towson University Women’s Basketball team, noticed the lack of registered voters on campus and decided to do something about it.

How can sports motivate people to vote?

At colleges nationwide, student-athletes tend to be the “most visible” when it comes to students on campus. They are held to an extremely high standard on and off the field. With that said, if these student-athletes start showing interest in democracy or the civic process, it often leads the other students on campus to follow in their footsteps. This then raises the overall engagement with politics throughout the entire campus. This same logic is mirrored in professional athletes as well. These athletes showing genuine interest in American politics inevitably creates an outlet for people to become aware of their civic duties.

How do you make sure your vote counts?

Kancher actually launched an organization called TU Athletes Vote. This organization not only makes sure that each and every student-athlete on campus is registered to vote but also outlines the steps that follow. It is a bipartisan organization that gives their students information about what is actually going on in this upcoming election. Your vote only matters if you know all the power it holds.

For more on sports, check out this video.

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