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Celebs On Only Fans: Don’t You Have Enough Money?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the entirety of quarantine, chances are you know what Only Fans is. This subscription-based social media platform was launched in 2016, but it really started picking up momentum around March of 2020. Users can buy or sell original content, which is typical of the pornographic variety. People started picking up a wide range of hobbies during quarantine, which did not exclude making content for Only Fans. In more recent news, celebrities have started to make their own accounts. Of course, everyone wants to see their celebrity borderline naked, but Bella Thorne took it to another level. She made a reported $2 million in less than a week. Her influx of income caused the site to set a limit on how much money creators can make. This is extremely unfortunate because Only Fans has become a dependable place for people all over the world to make a living for themselves. Host Oni Higgins sits down with Satya Marar, a Policy Analyst, and Feminists for Liberty Executive Director Kat Murti to discuss if celebrities should say farewell to Only Fans.

Leave Only Fans to the sex workers

Celebrities go into situations such as this one thinking that they are doing more good than harm. In fact, Marar claims that celebrities being on sites such as Only Fans actually will help the underdogs because it brings more people to the site. When a celebrity such as Bella Thorne creates an account on Only Fans, she brings every single fan that follows her with her. This inevitably leads to more traffic on sites like these. However, Murti somewhat disagrees with him. You can’t ignore facts or figures, and it is clear that these celebrities are bringing in large numbers of subscribers to Only Fans. This only becomes an issue when the celebrities are causing policy changes or are taking away from content creators that could use the money much more than these millionaire celebrities.

The future of Only Fans

There is no doubt that Only Fans is the fantastic, safe, and pro-sex worker kind of website people have been looking for. It is highly unlikely that this website will be going away any time soon. In fact, the numbers of creators and subscribers are rising each and every day. The authenticity of these posts is what generates so many followers. People love to see authentic people being themselves and living their best lives. Only Fans will continue to do well so long as it continues to support the authenticity of their creators.

For more on celebrities, check out this video.

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