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Do We Need Presidential Debates?

After the initial thoughts and prayers for President Donald Trump when he contracted COVID-19, many were left wondering about what would happen to the upcoming debates. Would they happen at all? Would they be virtual? Do we even need them? The first presidential debate was nothing but a screaming match, with poor Chris Wallace stuck in the middle. It is safe to say that neither candidate answered any questions that the American public was concerned with. That being said, if these debates aren’t giving the people what they need, are they even necessary? Chris Wilson, the CEO of WPA Intelligence, and Jenna Arnold, author of Raising Our Hands, sat down with host David Grasso to talk about this extremely relevant topic.

What if we got rid of presidential debates?

Presidential debates were designed to give the American people an insight into both candidates in real-time. Although they have an idea of the kinds of questions that will be asked, they are really on their own when it comes to answering them. There’s no script. There’s nobody in their ear telling them what to say. How they respond to each question is 100% up to each candidate. Both Arnold and Wilson agree that a presidential debate is vital for the American people. Getting rid of the debate altogether should never be an option. However, these debates were made for the American public, and it should be kept that way. Somehow, these debates have turned into somewhat of a theatrical performance rather than answering the questions at hand.

Make it about the people

Trump called the next debate a “waste of time.” Wilson wholeheartedly believes that this is a mistake. He believes that Trump needs as many opportunities as possible to try to close the gap between him and Joe Biden. Without these debates, he has no way of doing so. On the other hand, Arnold feels as though it shouldn’t even be about either of the candidates, but about the people. It’s not just about what kind of stances they are, but how they interact with others and carry themselves. The only way to make these debates beneficial again is to make sure that they both act on behalf of wanting what is best for the American people.

For more on 2020 politics, check out this video.

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