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Woke Marketing: Annoying or Sincere?

It’s safe to say that the last couple of months have caused the majority of people to feel uneasy. Is it fair to include corporations and businesses in that? For the most part, corporations are looked at like the bad guys. They only care about themselves, right? Well, apparently not. Corporations are now using the current events of our world to their advantage. But can you blame them? Most consumers who use companies’ products daily want to know what companies’ stances are. Is it unfair for them to do so? Are they taking advantage of the current state just to get more money out of us? Host Zayna Allen sits down with Turning Point USA contributor Stephen Davis and Young Voices contributor Tanner Aliff to discuss both sides.

Adjusting to the woke life

These days, corporations and businesses have to take a public stance on social issues. Aliff feels as though this is not necessarily a bad thing. When these companies take a stance, it is really about making the customers know that they care for them. They are not some wildly unmanageable, money-hungry machine, but actual people who care for their consumers. Davis, on the other hand, completely disagrees. He thinks that corporations are just giving in to the “detriment of America.” These stances that they agree with are only causing rioting, looting and tearing down society.

Does it even matter?

When it comes to the places you are spending your money, does woke marketing even change your mind? If a company voices their opinion on a certain issue and you don’t agree with it, will that make you stop going there? Or what if they just don’t take a stance at all? There are so many different ways that people can react to issues like these. At the end of the day, Davis feels like you should be shopping at places that have the best product for what you’re looking for.

For more on businesses, check out this video.

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