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Major Deal: Melissa Gisoni and BP Major’s Latest Project

If you have heard of Dance Moms, then chances are you know the one and only Melissa Gisoni. What you probably don’t know is that she has partnered with BP Major for their latest project Major Minors. What started out as a reality TV show is now one of the most heavily followed YouTube channels in the world. The show follows Major and 10-year-old Gia Pater on their journey in the entertainment industry and what a true mentor/mentee relationship looks like.

Melissa Gisoni is behind the scenes for this one

Major claims that it is a rare day when Gisoni is not around helping behind the scenes. From doing hair to making lunches, she does it all! Although she does appear on several episodes of the hit YouTube series, Gisoni is the backbone of the show. The dynamic duo goes on to rave about one another and how well they work together.

Silver lining during hard times

Major Minors, like most projects, got pushed around by the early stages of the pandemic. However, Gisoni and Major were set on creating some light out of a very dark situation. Their show is based on making each and every child who watches it feel special. You don’t have to necessarily be dancing or participating in sports to feel good about your hobbies. Things such as arts and crafts, or even just reading for fun, should be celebrated just as much as other activities. The show even held a world-wide talent search in which their only question was: what makes you special? The show inspires children to be unapologetically themselves and celebrate who they truly are.

For more ways to keep your child inspired, check out this video.

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