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Are We Moving on from RBG Too Fast?

Ruth Bader Ginsberg tragically passed away on Sept. 18, 2020, but only a few days went by before President Donald Trump had his nominee ready. NPR reported that RBG’s final statement was: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” The biggest controversy surrounding the death of RBG is whether or not the Republican party should name the nominee for her successor. Host David Grasso sat down with author Jenna Arnold, and Turning Point USA contributor Erin Elmore to discuss both sides of the argument.

RBG’s dying wish won’t be met

Regardless of what side you support or what your political beliefs are, the one aspect nobody can argue is the Constitution of the United States. Elmore started off her point by quoting RBG herself, “a president is elected for four years, not three.” In that case, Trump is within his constitutional right as President of the United States to nominate whomever he sees fit for the job. However, it is also the president’s job to nominate somebody who will not fulfill an agenda, but one who is genuinely looking out for the American people. Arnold argues that his nominees do no such thing and are just a simple way of pandering for votes. Nominee Amy Connor Barret does not represent the majority of the population, but Elmore claims this is just another fear tactic. Barret is a law-of-the-land kind of professional, whether she agrees or disagrees with it. Roe v. Wade, for example, is the current law of the land, which means that Barret respects it even though she has made it abundantly clear she does not agree with it. Elmore believes that thinking that gay marriage or abortions will become illegal is falling into the fear-mongering tactic “set forth by the Democrats.”

Let’s do what’s best for the American people

Instead of pandering for votes from conservative Christians around the nation, Trump must do what is best for the majority of citizens. Whoever takes the spot of RBG has big shoes to fill and must recognize this. Regardless of what political side the future Judge Supreme is on, they need to overlook their own views and do what is best for the American people. We deserve someone who will stand up for us and uphold the law of the land without bias. Things change, components need tweaking, but the American people will always be here. It is time to do what is best for them, not someone’s agenda.

For more content on the current election, check out this video.

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