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The New and Improved NYFW

New York Fashion Week is one of the most popular times of the year. The 2019 season had 76 major shows, 2,203 models and a backstage crew of twice that number. With the endless struggles of 2020, the fashion industry is one of many having to do some readjusting in order to be successful. Their shows and designs are famous worldwide, so simply not having NYFW was out of the question. Bold Life’s very own Justin Crawford hit the state-of-the-art Rebecca Minkoff show to update us on how they are pulling this year’s fashion week off.

How NYFW can be COVID-19 safe

Minkoff herself stated that her primary focus when beginning the planning of her shows was to ensure everyone’s safety. Whether you were a model, stylist, photographer or even a part of the film crew, you had to have tested negative for COVID-19. Any person who stepped foot into the building where the show was being held was COVID-free. A lot of the set up for these shows go into the logistics of everything. How many people can you fit and still be six feet away from them? Basically, planning consisted of putting together all the pieces of the most complicated puzzle Minkoff has ever had to deal with.

The silver lining

Of course, this was not the same fashion week that everyone knows and loves, but it is all about making light out of a dark situation. Minkoff put a lot of hard work into her show this year but did so with no regrets. The fashion industry was hit hard when the pandemic started and thousands, if not millions, of people lost their jobs. Her show, along with a few other in-person shows, helped create jobs and get people the recognition for the hard work that they deserve. This year has been nothing but a ripple effect of negative events; even Minkoff has lost about half of her staff. This is not ideal for any company, however, she and her team are making the most of it. They are working the hardest they have in the “last 15 years of business,” and it is making them stronger than ever.

For more on new ways of fashion culture, check out this video.

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