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Do We Blame China for COVID-19?

Since COVID-19 hit American soil, there has been much debate surrounding who to blame for this worldwide pandemic. For some, it is solely China’s fault and nobody else’s. For others, it is obvious that China was the starting point of the pandemic, but the American government is responsible for the way they poorly handled it. Host David Grasso sat down with Young Voices contributor Anthony Dimauro and Political Media Strategist Ajay Bruno to discuss whose shoulders this heavy burden should be placed on.

Did the U.S. government fail its people when it comes to COVID?

It is an undeniable fact that China is the place where the coronavirus first started. Unfortunately, countries around the world were left to fend for themselves when it came time to face a global crisis. Dimauro feels as though we can not put all the blame strictly on China. The Trump administration failed the American people by not dealing with this problem in a timely manner. Dimauro explains that they focused more on conspiracy theories instead of setting up an action plan that could have prevented the deaths of more than 191,000 Americans. On the other hand, Bruno feels as though holding the U.S. government accountable is simply a distraction from the actual problem. According to Bruno, the real problem is the entire existence of COVID-19 being the Chinese government’s fault. The U.S. government would not have had a problem if not for the lies and denials that came from China and their communist government.

A common ground

The majority of Americans believe the same opinions that Bruno and Dimauro share. Could the U.S. government have dealt with this crisis better? Absolutely. Is it our fault that we had to deal with this in the first place? No. There are multiple institutions that should be held accountable, but pointing fingers and placing blame is not progressive for the future of our country.

For more on COVID-19, check out this article.

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