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Starting A Business Doesn’t Have to Break Your Back or Your Bank Account

There is a lot of stigma surrounding entrepreneurs and how to get yourself started, but be prepared to forget all the stereotypes. When you are starting your own venture, a lot of people have a hard time with the logistics of getting started. People think that in order to be successful, you have to quit your day job and drain your savings account. Hosts Julia Sun and Philip Michael sit down with author and Bunker Labs CEO Todd Connor to help debunk all these entrepreneurial myths.

Starting a business is possible while keeping your day job

One of the biggest concerns about starting your own business is the fact that you will have less time. This means less personal time, but also fear that it takes away from your steady flow of income that you get from your 9-5 job. Connor points out that you do not have to quit your job just to pursue starting your own business. Will it be more difficult and time-consuming? Yes. Is it more than possible? 100 percent. Bunker Labs has various online programs that are easily accessible for those who wish to start their journey into entrepreneurship.

Serving those who served us

The main mission of Bunker Labs is to help veterans, active-duty servicemembers and military spouses start and grow their own business. It is a nonprofit organization that can help you no matter what stage you feel like you are at in your journey. If you are a part of the military community, this is not only an extremely helpful organization, but it is also almost completely free to those who meet qualification requirements. From networking to potential positions with their partners, they help you do it all.

Giving yourself permission

Aside from the obvious financial factors, individuals also feel like they must get permission from others in order to gain traction for their ideas. Connor’s book, Third Shift Entrepreneur, tells stories of those who have started small and found success by giving themselves permission. Instead of asking investors what they think, it is key to create small versions of your project, work with a few people who support your project and just start a conversation around that. Your business and entrepreneurial confidence will grow from there.

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