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We’ve Got You Covered: 7 Ways to Wear Layers

Many women fear layering clothes; it is a for certain way, to appear larger than your actual size. If you don’t do it correctly that is, which is why I am here. Quannii Bell, your Fashion Steward.

If you can master how to wear layers during #blizzard2016 freezing winter and still remain fashionable, then you have achieved styling success! For starters, it is important to note, that there are many ways to layer your clothing; some which consist of making your outfit different, personal, and interesting. Other times, if you are not styling correctly, your look could appear as confusing and bulky, and this is the pitfall of fashion you want to avoid.

Remember, the colors and fabrics are also important aspect of your style to consider when layering clothing. Pitfalls, of layering, avoid using too many layers in certain areas.  Three things on top is enough, and you still have to focus on the bottom portion as well which some people tend to forget about.  Here are some tips on top 7 ways on wearing layers while looking amazing and staying cozy this winter.


1. Master Layering

Layering is a big trend this season, and I can see why! It’s very practical to dress this way during the cold weather. You can start with a basic or lightweight top, it doesn’t matter if it’s solid or patterned print, then decide what you want to wear over it such as a sweater, scarf, cardigan, jacket etc. Depending on what you have in your wardrobe, some things won’t make the cut, as the temperature outside drops to a lower degree, we can get even more creative, and do things that we normally wouldn’t do. A good example on how to keep warm, would adding jeans underneath a short flared dress, paired with tights if they’re ripped denim. Another tip on staying warm would be to pair one of your favorite jackets over a sweater with a scarf around your neck. Don’t be afraid to pull out those long knee-high socks with your favorite pair of ankle or thigh-high boots!

2. Wraps, Ponchos & Scarfs

Wraps, ponchos or scarfs can be added as an accessory to give more volume to your look depending on what you’re aiming for. They can be worn in so many different ways and can help you use your not so warm clothes, making your outfits interesting

3. Signature Coats or Jackets

I love that this woman has paired both together but with a jacket over her gorgeous coat. A fabulous coat is not something you purchase every day or even every year so make sure you’re shopping smart and wisely! Having a signature coat or jacket can take your look so far, I would start by finding a great color, which you could wear with most of your wardrobe.

4. Great Boots Deserve Attention

During the winter, we need a great pair of over-the-knee-boots! They can be paired with dresses, skirts, and just about anything and can define your look. You need a great pair of boots to survive during the winter!

5. Embracing the Fur or (Faux Fur)

Winter calls for fur and it’s something that you can definitely have some fun with! Fur can be worn with just about anything, you can have a party with fur accents such as; fur mittens, collars, sleeves, ear muffs, shoe tassels and more! Fur can also give your outfit an instant upgrade to the next level.

6. Say Yes to a Fabulous Hat

There are millions of hats out there, from big to small, knits and fur hats and vintage ones! This winter, search high and low for the hat of your dreams just like your searching for that awesome signature coat! Hats can be one of the first thing people notice on you, so choose wisely and go for a jazzy and cozy hat this winter.


7. Trendy Winter Accessories

With so many stylish accessories during the winter can be a bit overwhelming to some. But choose the best accessory that fits your look for the day or your mood. You can opt for some sleek leather gloves, furry handbags, and ear warmers which can be a life saver during the cold season.

And this rounds up our top 7 tips on layering your clothes through this winter, and still remain fashionable for this season. Be creative and give it a try!

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