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5 Men’s Style Tips for 2016

Men’s fashion in 2016 will be an interesting and eclectic amalgam. The main trends will be a unique mix of classic throwback and avant-garde. Whether you want to play it safe, get outside the box, or do both at the same time, here are four 2016 fashion trends to keep your eye on.

1. Watches


It’s the one piece of jewelry universally accepted for men to wear in all situations. With the advent of smartphones, watches have become less prevalent. Their usefulness has declined somewhat as most people use their phones in order to check the time. Watches may be less practical these days, but they inherently contain more style points than ever before. This Bulova Classic  is a timepiece that pretty much everyone can agree on

2. Dress Shoes
Baseball shoes

Every man should man have at least two pairs of dress shoes in his wardrobe: a black pair and a brown pair. A matching belt to go with each pair is also important. Brown suede shoes will also be trendy in 2016. These Alpine Swiss Mens Bern Lace Up Oxford Loafers look much more expensive than the actual cost; and that’s a good thing!

3. Skinny Jeans with a Sport Coat

Some attribute tech company CEOs for pioneering this trend, but it’s an easy ensemble accessible to almost everyone. Of course, the “skinny jeans” trend itself has grown so much that the pants are available for average weight and even slightly overweight men too.

slim jeans

4. Beige Blazers

This color will be hot for blazers when spring and summer arrive. This Khaki Cotton Corduroy ‘Willow’ Two-Button Blazer by Tommy Hilfiger perfectly complements navy blue denim.


5. Oppa Gingham Style

 Gingham plaid seems to be a go-to print for 2016, and you can wear it in many forms: ties, blazers, pocket squares, shirts, belts and much more. This John Varvatos Star U.S.A. Gingham Stripe scarf will keep you both warm and in step this winter.

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