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‘Pilot Pete’ Weber on When a Relationship is Ready for ‘Take Off’

‘Pilot Pete’ Weber on When a Relationship is Ready for ‘Take Off’
Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

The star of ABC’s 24th season of The Bachelor, Peter Weber, better known as ‘Pilot Pete,’ joined Bold TV’s Senior Correspondent Justin Crawford on the IGTV Interview Series to share what about his relationship with Kelley Flanagan made him sure that they were meant to be and to offer some advice to those who wish to find love on Reality TV.

Getting to know each other in quarantine

The two officially began their new relationship at the start of quarantine. So, they got to spend a lot of time with each other right off the bat. “We had no choice but to kind of just hang out in the apartment, we couldn’t really go out. So it’s been a cool process for us to just to kind of develop our relationship, and I really enjoyed it.”

A new kind of compatibility

When asked what about his latest “receiver of the rose,” Kelley Flanagan, is different from his past girlfriends, Weber responded, “I look at Kelley as my partner, and, for me, that just holds so much weight, she is just someone that is not just my girlfriend, not just someone that I’m really into, that I’m attracted to, she is my partner — my person and I’ve never felt that strong for someone and that confident in a relationship, and it just feels great.” He added that they are best friends who support each other and wish nothing but the best for one another. Peter believes their compatibility is so strong that they would have been a couple with or without the show. Now that sounds like a recipe for love! 


For more of the Interview Series, check out @BoldTV on Instagram (IGTV)! And for more celeb chats, check this out.

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