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Speed Makeup: 5 Minutes to Fabulous

As busy mothers, it’s often hard to find five minutes of peace in a day, let alone 30 minutes for a detailed, morning makeup routine.  Not to fear!  Here’s how you can get ready for the day in just five minutes and in eight easy steps, using my trademarked “Cute in Carpool” process.

STEP 1: Tinted Primer: Appy a tinter primer – a combination of SPF20, primer, and a touch of foundation – to the face (forehead, cheeks, and around lips) using a makeup brush.  Swipe to sheer.  Anywhere where your pores are a little larger (e.g. near the tip of your nose) twist to fill in.   For those with rosacea, you can tap to add even thicker coverage.  This step gives you a vial of color and evens skin tone.

STEP 2: Quick Conceal for Face and Eyes: Apply concealer using a concealing brush – apply right up under the lash line and up towards the end of the brow.  Apply the concealer graciously towards the inner-corner of the eye, where the blue-green eye vessel runs near the corner of the eye.  Bring the concealer layer down to the cheekbone area, and swipe out and up at the outer corner of the eye.  Tap over the concealer layer with your fingertip to fade it into the skin.  Do NOT put concealer on the upper eyelid!

STEP 3: Powder: To set the makeup, and ensure it doesn’t get all over your hands and clothes (and children!), take a powder that matches your décolleté area (the area under your chin) and buff the powder all over your face (cheeks, forehead, and around your lips) in a circular motion.  You should, of course, use a large head, powder brush for this step!  Buff the powder into the skin so it doesn’t just sit on top of the face.  Also, canvas the lips with powder, reducing any redness around the lips.  Do NOT apply powder on the eye lid, or immediately up against the eyes.

STEP 4: Bronzer:  The bronzer is used to bring the warmth from your neck, chest, and arms into your face.  The color you choose to compliment the décolleté.  There are only two places the bronzer should be used.  First, buff the bronzer on, using a brush, from the under tip of the chin over the throat area and down to the collar bone.  This not only creates the illusion that you have had a neck lift, but makes the color consistent from chest up to the neck.  Ensure you apply the layer all the way around to the under the ear.    Also, apply the bronzer underneath the cheek bones and up along the side of the face up into the temples to the hairline.  Many women put bronzer all over their face.  This is a major, no no!!   This makes your face appear too dark relative to the rest of your body.

STEP 5: Brow Lift: Using a brush made for a cream-based product, such as a concealer brush, tuck the brown lift under the outer two-thirds of the area just under each eye brow.   This will conceal any stray hairs and create an open look underneath the eye, making you look awake.  If you apply the lift all the way across the eyelid, versus just the outer two-thirds area, it will flatten out the brow – the purpose of this step is to lift the arch on the outer edge of the eyelid.

STEP 6: Eye Shadow: Use an eye shadow base to canvas the eye lid area in a fashion similar to the tinter primer for the face.  The eye shadow will hide any veins or dark spots in the lids.  Bring the eye shadow up to, but not onto, the edge of the brow lift.  Tap to fuse the brown lift and eye shadow areas together, avoiding a harsh divide.  Start at the lash line, using a brush, and bring the eye shadow up to the crease.

STEP 7: Mascara: Using a mascara brush, apply mascara to your eyelashes starting at the root and lifting upwards.  Curl the wand as you lift upwards on the lashes, creating a separation to the lashes so they don’t clump together.  Add from the root to the tip, not just to the tips.

STEP 8: Lip Gloss/Lipstick: Apply a combination lip gloss/lipstick to your lips.

And that’s it.  It’s really that simple.  That’s how you look cute in carpool!

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