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Columbia MBA Student Says A.I. is The Future of The American Workforce

Jon-Matthew Hopkins, an MBA candidate at Columbia Business School, joined Bold Business to discuss the unintended externalities that come with tech development.

“Recently in news, we talk a lot about fake news, and the way in which Facebook plays a [huge] role in that,” Hopkins said.

He said things like artificial intelligence have a real impact on our everyday lives, from dating apps to what the American workforce looks like.

“I think technology fundamentally is critical to the way we operate…but we do need to ask some difficult questions of ourselves as future technology leaders as we implement these [new] things going forward,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins also discussed what we should expect from “Boom For Whom?” this year’s theme for Columbia Business School’s tech conference, Alleycon. “We have some phenomenal speakers that are coming, everyone from Microsoft to Amazon, to diversity inclusion leads from Uber,” Hopkins said.

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