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From Profile Photos to Commenting, LinkedIn Exec Tells Us How to Become a LinkedIn Expert

Mario Rosser, partnership manager of sales solutions at LinkedIn, joined Bold Business to share his tips on maximizing your network!

“Sharing commentary on different topics in your industry or sharing articles that are relevant to your line of work — those are a few different ways that people don’t do enough of that would really go a long way. Because when you share an article or you share a thought of yours, that’s going to be liked and seen by people who are not even connected to,” Rosser said.

He continued, “As people in your network start liking it and commenting on it, it’s going to have that viral effect, so it’s a huge opportunity to increase your brand presence.” 

Rosser also said “LinkedIn is your professional representation online” and stressed the importance of having a business headshot on your profile.

“A headshot really demonstrates your personality. We actually have a stat: ‘Profiles that don’t have a headshot are 16 times less likely to be viewed.’ So it’s really critical that you have a great headshot and not that selfie,” Rosser said.

Rosser also deliberated on LinkedIn’s new “SnapChat” feature, designed to maximize its outreach and attraction to millennial users. “I think all millennials should consider a LinkedIn. Everyone is interested in progressing their career and I think we’ve done a great job as a company in meeting the different ways that millennials like to engage in social media,” Rosser said.

He continued, “Particularly we’ve launched a Stories-like feature that puts us on par with some of the other social media networks where you can share your moments live, and it stays on your profile for a few days. And that’s a way to engage millennials.”

“I think everyone should be interested in a platform that is about progressing yourself and furthering your career,” Rosser said.

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Photo Credit: Flickr & Pixabay 

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