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Are Celebrities Entitled to Privacy? It’s Complicated.

Welcome to Bold Life’s monthly segment “Get on Board: Roundtable Talk,” where Oni Higgins and guests talk all things entertainment. On this segment, we agree: Celebrity and privacy don’t really fit together. Especially with social media, it’s often difficult for famous people to hide and stay relevant. Gigi Hadid found that “you kind of learn that there has to be a difference between how private you wanna be and how private people force you to be.” We’ve seen the rise and fall of these celebrities navigating life under a microscope. But don’t they choose what to share on social media? Are they entitled to privacy when they choose to hit “post?”

Oversharing always teaches a lesson

Many celebrities have been burned by oversharing. Either they offend someone, give away their location (like Kim K who got robbed in Paris) or something else invasive. The experts say that there is a line where people can become too involved in celebs’ lives. They have a right to privacy as humans. But did they ask for it by posting everything for the world to see? Sometimes you don’t know the line until it’s been crossed.

Celebrities need an audience

It’s all about balance. This is show business, and social media is a marketing and promotion tool. Famous people need an audience, or they wouldn’t be celebrities. Our experts say it’s important for the celebs to accept that fact and then work toward being authentic and organic on social platforms. The Roundtable agrees that Ciara does a good job of sharing just enough of her family and personal experiences. They’re figuring it out as they go along!

To hear this convo with multimedia journalist Shay Sayss, media correspondent Danita Chantel and digital media executive Seth Schachner, check out the video! And stay tuned for another meeting of the minds at “Get on Board: Roundtable Talk.”

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