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Breaking Down the Health Care Argument: Who Should Pay?

One of the biggest conversations in the U.S. is health care: Who should pay for it? Many people believe the system is broken but can’t find a clear-cut answer. So our Julia Sun sat down with Turning Point’s Erin Elmore and Build the Wave’s Nate Lerner to debate. Through conversations and rebuttals, can we find a solution?

Argument #1: If the government distributed our drugs and vaccines, it would be more affordable. 

“What does the government do that is currently affordable?” Elmore asks. She says that the U.S. government is known to be inefficient, overpriced and slow.

Lerner rebuts that Medicare is a widely popular government program and that most Democrats want that same coverage extended to people of all ages. Health care is the No. 1 cause of bankruptcy, so this would help people who otherwise couldn’t afford medical expenses.

Elmore says her side understands that health care is expensive, but we should let the private sector and the free marketplace figure it out. This way, we wouldn’t be overwhelming an already full system. But still, someone has to pay.

Argument #2: The government isn’t known for being efficient.

As Lerner mentioned before, Medicare is one of the most popular government programs behind Social Security. And while he admits that the government isn’t perfect, he believes that the Democrat view of health care puts people before profits. 

On the other hand, Elmore says things that are free are usually popular, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best option. She believes that the government offering free health care is stepping toward an inefficient, socialistic government. Her solution? Temporary and limited assistance. Some people simply can’t afford health care. With controlled government assistance, these people could get back on their feet and ultimately get a good job that will help pay their bills.

Argument #3: Pharmaceutical companies have to make a profit. 

Elmore says everyone gets paid, from Congressmen and Congresswomen to pharmaceutical reps, as they should. 

But Lerner says these pharmaceutical heads could make money in any other industry. Ultimately, health care isn’t for prioritizing profits because these companies don’t put people’s well-being over dollar signs. He says the current system is broken. 

How should we fix it? Let us know in the comments!

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