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What Is Your Business Strategy? Take a Look at the Core Value Equation

There are many ways to do business. Some are more effective than others. Some are more legal than others. Is there one “right” way to start a business from the ground up? No, but you can find out which strategy works best for you by learning from experienced people. Bold Business sat down with Darius Mirshahzadeh, host of The Greatness Machine and author of “The Core Value Equation. He believes that your business (and existence) should be driven by core values, or fundamental beliefs. 

Creating a foundation of core values

What’s the first step in the core value equation? No, it’s not a business plan or money-making strategy. It’s looking inside. “Our results are based on the values we live,” Mirshahzadeh said. “Get clear on your values, and then go make them come to life.” Mirshahzadeh says that your beliefs are your foundation. Build your empire on a strong foundation, and it will stand strong. Once you solidify your core values, then you apply them to every facet of your business. Are you trying to build a team? Are you searching for new clients? Create a community that shares your values, and you will create inertia. This will help you grow an effective business that cuts down the competition.

“Our results are based on the values we live. Get clear on your values, and then go make them come to life.”

The biggest mistake business owners make

What’s the biggest mistake business owners are making right now? Mirshahzadeh says they’re focusing too much on technology and price. Yes, these aspects are important, but they aren’t indicators of long-term success. The way you will create and sustain success is to build a company that is value- and purpose-driven. “People want to be a part of something that’s bigger than themselves,” Mirshahzadeh said. What do you think? Will this business strategy prove superior in the coming years? 

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