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Will You Get the Vaccine? What Is in Store for Our Future?

Will you get the latest vaccine? Our society seems to be at yet another schism. On one hand, some people are eager to be vaccinated while others are suspicious of various factors and don’t want to be injected. There are even some people in the middle who are waiting to see what happens. What are the reasons for some people’s reservations? Why are some people jumping at the chance of vaccination? What is in store for our future? We ask all these questions and more on this Millennial Minute debate, mediated by David Grasso. Let’s hear from Nate Lerner, executive director of Build the Wave, and Ajay Bruno, a political strategist (both of whom are willing and ready to take the vaccine ASAP).

Why are people against the vaccine?

First, why are some people wary? The number one answer is because of the rushed timeline. Even Lerner is a little cautious of how quickly the vaccine was developed. But he believes they wouldn’t have made the vaccine available if they weren’t 100% confident it works. But what concerns Lerner is people who question the media, government and anything mainstream. Bruno agrees and wishes political leaders would publicly support the vaccine. What do you think? Is it smart or misled to question the vaccine?

Should the government mandate vaccination?

Next, should the vaccine be required by law? These two guys aren’t so sure. Lerner thinks that maybe some sects of society should be required to take it (high-risk patients, essential workers, etc.). But he would need to see more research supporting that everyone needs to be vaccinated. Bruno agrees that a general vaccination law is questionable. But he proposes getting creative such as making people prove vaccination if they want to fly. Lerner describes this as giving you “a freedom of choice” but “limit[ing] your options.” What do you think? Will you take the vaccine? Let us know over on YouTube.

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