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A Guide to Virtual Engagement Ring Shopping in 2020

OK, so we’re all at different points in our love life right now. A complicated situation was made even more difficult by a pandemic, a return to remote work and other valleys of 2020. Some people call the holidays “cuffing season,” and maybe that’s even more real since all of our lives were turned upside down in the past few months. If your relationship stood the test of 2020 and it’s time to put a ring on it, don’t worry that jewelry stores might be closed. Just like everything else, you can go engagement ring shopping online. Shopping for rings is difficult in person, much less on a screen, so we brought in an expert whose company walks you through the entire process. Lauren Addison joins Oni Higgins on this segment of Bold Life.

The process of virtual ring-buying with Lauren Addison

  1. Start with the diamond. Addison factors in three points: the size, the shape and your ideal budget. Popular shapes include princess, heart, pear and much more, and they all have different prices. So do your research! But “don’t get too hung up on carat weight,” Addison says. You may be dazzled by a diamond with a lesser grading. It’s different for everyone’s taste.
  2. Move on to the ring setting. Different settings include prong, pavé, halo and others. Once again, figure out which setting matches your SO and also your diamond.
  3. OK the final design. With Addison, you receive a 3D digital rendering of your custom-made ring design. You can check out the profile, side view and front view. Choose anything that needs a little tweak, and they’ll make necessary changes.
  4. Propose! You’ve got this step.

Give yourself an extra cushion for shipping

We all know how ridiculously crazy shipping can be during the holidays. Addison says that custom engagement rings typically take 3-4 weeks. But during the holiday season, you’ll need to add on more time. If you’re getting a late start, you may need to push back that proposal by a few weeks.

If you’re ready to put a ring on it, contact Lauren via website, Instagram or email.

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