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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Travel: Should We Stay at Home?

Going home for the holidays has always been a rite of passage. In the 1987 classic Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Steve Martin used all sorts of public transportation to travel across the country for Thanksgiving. But what does travel look like during a pandemic? Some people say it’s time to move forward, and people should be able to see their families for the holidays. Others believe it’s still too risky and too early to go back to normal. While some states are regulating holiday travel and gatherings, others leave it up to the individual. On this Millennial Minute hosted by David Grasso, Young Voices contributor Ann Miller and Democratic strategist Max Burns debate.

Home for the holidays?

Miller gives her fellow citizens a yellow light: Travel with caution. She says that the government shouldn’t be able to keep you away from family. People should follow precautions in place, such as mask-wearing and social distancing, but still travel as they wish. Her main driving point is that traveling stimulates the economy and puts money in the pockets of those hard-working employees. On the other hand, Burns believes that our national transportation infrastructure isn’t ready for safe holiday travel and that the government created this problem. He says there’s not enough science to support immunity after infection, and people shouldn’t go about the holidays per usual.

How to stimulate the economy

Both sides of this debate agree that the citizens of the U.S. need economic support, namely another stimulus package. Miller believes that supporting the travel industry is a good way to stimulate the economy while everyone waits for government help. Burns says people shouldn’t have to endanger themselves during a pandemic. What do you think? Will you be having your family meal around a dining table or on a Zoom call?

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