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Hit Refresh: 3 Instagram Accounts that Are Actually Positive

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Can social media be good? Obviously, it can drain you, feed your procrastination, stoke your envy and make you question everything. Maybe you’ve hit the breaking point where you decide to delete the apps from your phone. But if your social media breaks never last for more than a few weeks (or days), maybe your best bet for keeping your peace is curating a more positive feed. Yes, sometimes content creators harness their power for the light. Here are three accounts that offer inspiring and thought-provoking content that may lift you from your day’s lowest points.


Created by 25-year-old Koreen Odiney, We’re Not Really Strangers highlights the deep questions that lead us to discover truths about ourselves and others. It’s based on a conversation card game of the same name that is “all about empowering meaningful connections.” On this IG feed, you’ll find aesthetically pleasing and shareable content with text like “Knowing who you are makes the opinions of others hold less weight.” And you may come across a question that leads you to healthy reflection such as “What are you proudest of yourself for saying ‘no’ to recently?”


Ariana Huffington founded Thrive Global after she collapsed from sleep deprivation and exhaustion in 2007. The account’s IG bio reveals their mission to help others who struggle with stress: “Our society perpetuates the myth that burnout is the price we must pay for success. We’re here to help change that.” This IG feed also has content perfect for sending to a friend or reposting on your story to encourage your followers. You’ll find helpful tips and tricks, motivational quotes and eye-catching art: everything from a graphic on “5 Small Acts of Kindness That Can Make Someone’s Day” or a carousel that breaks down “Cognitive Fog” and how you can overcome it.


Sometimes you don’t want baseless advice; you just want the scientific facts. Well according to Dr. Caroline Leaf’s IG bio, she’s a “neuroscientist, mental health & mind expert, bestselling author” and more, so you’re sure to find well-researched content here. Leaf has original quotes sprinkled throughout her feed, but she also has different enlightening segments. In “Coffee with Caroline,” she goes live to answer followers’ questions on mental self-care strategies. She also regularly interviews experts on her podcast. Her IG followers benefit because she shares key quotes from those conversations, such as a doctor’s take on how diets affect our mind and body.


Instagram is such a vast world of possibilities that you mostly can decide what content you consume. (This is assuming you stay off of the Explore page, which is the definition of a rabbit hole.) But if you’re looking for illuminating content that will improve your life instead of drag it down, these accounts are a nice starting point. Time to refresh your feed.

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